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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we have the responsibility to get them to understand how much damage they can do with vehicles. >> there was an evening service which started 59:00 p.m. but one of the funeral directors had to tell people to good to another location. the salvation army off ared its chapel. future services may be moved to a sister funeral home in martinez until the lobby here is repaired. >> ama: we have some breaking news from the east bay. oakland police say a teenage girl was shot and killed in the coliseum this afternoon. the shooting happened on lion way. a second juvenile was out shot and rushed to a hospital. that victim is expected to survive. no arrest has been made. >> the investigation continues after a fire inside a south bay apartment building where a children's sleepover was being held. three members of one family never made it out, including a
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four-year-old. her grandparents also died in the fire. sergio quintana has the latest live from the scene of the fire. reporter: that family that has been hit so hard by this fire is actually setting up a memorial right now inside one of the apartments in this complex. earlier today, i talked with the woman who lost her mother, her father, and her daughter. >> sill the says the last time she saw her daughter was last knight at bedtime. >> she was staying with your parents? >> yes. she was in their room. >> just at 1:00 p.m. she noticed a fire in her brother's other. you can see the windowsill of the room, an example how ferocious the fire burned. she tried putting it out but it was too much. >> i tried to get in the fire extinguisher and broke the glass but couldn't get it out.
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>> she escaped with six other family members but her parents and her daughter did not. >> taking care of my baby. >> in the apartment downstairs, neighbors maria and felix heard a commotion, then quickly realized it was a fire. >> she says she screamed, there's a fire, call the fire department. then rushed everyone in their apartment out. three of her grandchildren were there for a weekend sleepover and they all got out safely but it was scary situation. >> then the firemen, they were breaking doors to get people. >> what did you think of that? >> that was pretty cool. and i started to cry a lot. >> neighbors say fire teams worked fast to control the situation but they say a san jose police officer was especially heroic. he arrived on scene, quickly yelled at neighbors to keep a safe distance from the burning complex, then tried to enter the burning apartment. right now the vs. of this fire
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continues, and residents have been allowed to return to collect some essentials. for cecilea, this fire has been devastating. she lost her parents and her daughter. >> they take care of me and my baby. >> now, there are 56 residents of this complex who remain displaced because of the fire. again, it remains under investigation. no cause just yet. as for that police officer who ran into the apartment building, he is actually one of three people who went to the hospital. he suffered smoke inhalation because of running into the apartment complex. he asked the san jose police not to release his name. reporting live in san jose, sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> ama: probably say, just doing my job. >> a fourth suspect is in custody in the murder case of a entrepreneur. deangelo austin was arrested in sacramento yesterday. charged with suspicion of murder along with three other suspects arrested over the last two weeks. police responded to a home invasion call on november 30th
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november 30th at the gated estate of kumar. cue -- kumar says she was tied up before escaping. she said several people were involved in the home invasion. the 66-year-old was a venture capitalist who once owned a mountain winery in the 1990s. his murder was the first the me town since 19 2. >> at 2012 comes to an end, richmond police are reporting one of the lowe's murder rateness the city in more than a decade. they had a total of 18 murders this year, down from 4 the previous year, the city has also seen a decrease in the number of other violent crimes, such as attempted murder and assault. one police detective says the drop in violence is largely due to richmond0s rein creased police force, going from 400 -- 40 howevers and now 140. >> one new law aims to crack
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down on underaged drinking aboard so-called party buses. am teenager died on a party bus. the law requires a chaperone to ride on party buses carrying downtown age passenger. >> california homeowner wilz get greater protection from foreclosure under another new law. it requires a large lender to provide home owners with a single point of contact if they want to have their mortgages modified, and there is a bon on foreclosure while negotiations are held. >> hillary clinton has been hospitalized after doctors discovered a blood clot. the blood clot was revealed during a routine followup exam. a spokesman says secretary clinton will stay in a new york
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city hospital so doctors can monitor the medication she is taking. no deal yet. the u.s. senate will return to capitol hill in the morning after failing to come up with a package today to avoid tomorrow night's fiscal cliff deadline. >> the leadership has again in good faith. just we're apart on some pretty big issues. >> i'm willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner. >> ama: the democratic controlled senate must reach an agreement before the republican controlled house can reach any deal. tomorrow night automatic spending cuts go into effect and everyone's tax bill will increase. >> our top priority has to be to make sure that tacks on middle class family does not go up. that would hurt our economy badly. >> one of the major sticking points appear to be where income tax increases should kick in. they waivered from $250,000 to
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as high as $1 million. >> tried to give police the slip and then disappeared. the family launches their own effort to find him. >> a bay area county is hosting a gun buyback program with a twist, and areles asking people to turn in an item that might be in your living room right now. >> thrill be rain for the last day of the gleer we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> later, the scoop about a possible new project for apple. an iphone that
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>> the family of a suspected drunk driver who disappeared while trying to outrun police is offering an award to find him. anthony donaldson has been missing since he scrimped into the court at the madera creek to avoid a sobriety checkpoint. authorities searched the creek on thursday but there was no sign of donaldson. his family hopes someone with a boat can help them search the creek. >> officials in marin will be buying back guns and violent video games at five locations. the buyback program is made
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possible by donations. an additional $5,000 came from private donors. the program was first proposed by the marin district attorney after the connecticut school tragedy. the -- a new feature thank you rose parade. it was a clear day but cold. leigh glaser says to be ready for more chilly weather. >> rick: coming up in sports, raiders quarterback terrelle pryor gets his first start, and michael crabtree steps up
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>> ama: apple lovers, feast on this. there's a rumor that apple is working on an iwalk. the newspaper out of london reports that apple is building a device using a chip some blew tooth technology.
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it's claimed the watch would feature a 1.5-inch touch screen and include siri. the device could launch within the next six months. >> if you happen to receive a new tab lt. computer or smartphone this holiday season you can be connected to 'abc-7 news all the time. you can downtown load our alarm app to all your phones and our abc-7 news app is also available. >> ten office thousands on the streets of pasadena and millions more around the country will ring in the new year with the 124th null tournament of roses parade. for the first time ever a couple will be married while riding in the parade. the man and woman from virginia, won a national contest to be the lucky couple on the love float, and for the first time in six years, disney has a float entered in the parade. the 125-foot long float has 45
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moving parts. you can watch the tournament of roses parade new year's morning at 8:00 a.m. right here on abc-7 and abc-7 news sports anchor mike shumann is heading to pasadena to cover the rose bowl. his reports will air, tuesday, new year's day, right here on abc-7. >> leigh glaser is checking our weather for the holiday. >> leigh: tonight and tomorrow, let's go ahead and show you a live look from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. clear sky out there but it's already cold in the 40s, and here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, showing you as well, some clear returns, and nothing out there. and we're going to put it on pause for at least a day or so, as this nice weather will continue with us. here's a look at the highs today. inland, interior inland locations, in the mid-to-low 50s. 55 in san rafael. 53, san francisco, oakland, 58.
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currently, 49 in antioch. fairfield, 47. 49 already in napa. 50 in san francisco. redwood city, mountain view, 47. so here's a look at the forecast. we'll go to clear sky tonight. it will be cold. get ready for inland fog as temperatures dipping below freezing, few high clouds, cool new year's eve night, and then mostly sunny on new year's day. here's a look at the setup, at least for today. high pressure over us. northerly wind flow. kept temperatures cool and also helped to scour out the clouds them wind dies down tonight and look for upper 20s and low 30s, the best probability of frost in those locations. 43 in san francisco, 32 in morgan hill. we do have a storm system poised just off the coast. right now forecast models want
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to keep the showers associated with this off the coast so this low, as well ace this cold front, will drag across the bay area. christmas eve night, early christmas -- criminal -- new year's eve -- i'm a week off -- new year's eve night and new year's day it will drag across the bay area, could possibly bring a sprinkle mainly off the coast. we'll go ahead and put this in animation and show you the forecast. this is 5:00 a.m. monday, new year's eve day, and clear skies, and check out as the front starts to doctoring across the bay area, at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll see clouds, maybe a drop or two. that's about it. but early new year's day, this is 1:00 a.m., we will start to see it clearing out and then it wants to bring maybe a drop or two keeping it just off the coast for new year's day. if you manage a trop or two or feel one, that is the drop
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league -- leigh was talking about. dorm, 52, san francisco. livermore, cool day, 53. 54 for gilroy as well as salinas. the seven-day forecast. bundle up tomorrow night. it's going to be cold. some clear sky. a few high clouds here and there. new year's day, get ready for lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 50s. looks like a very hard freeze but early wednesday morning and then we'll bring showers thursday and friday. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. mike shumann is out. rick quan is in and you have the niners highlights. >> a lot of excitement i might lose my voice. >> ama: all the screaming. >> rick: for the 489ers to win the nfc west and earn the first-round bythey had to beast arizona and green bay lose to minnesota. the offense got going in the second. kaepernick and crabtree, the
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two-play drive. hits crabtree for the 31-yard gain, and then kaepernick finds crabtree open for a 49-yard touchdown. that connection was clicking. david akers continues to have his problems, making just two of four field goal attempts. with justin smith still sidelined, francois is trying to filled the void. frenchy is just that, sagging brandon hoyer, in the third, kaepernick and crabtree dream up again. crabtree, 172 yards and two touchdowns, the first niner to have more than 1,000 yards rereceiving since terrell owens in 2003. gore gets his 51st rushing touchdown, a franchise record. for the second straight year, san francisco wins the nfc west. >> really happy. with the win. that was our mission.
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that was our one thing we wanted to get done today, and we got that done. the western division champions, that means a lot to us and to our players. >> it was big for us. we talk about it during the week, our defense had to come out and play, from this point on, and today i think it was a great start of what we need to do. >> candid a great job, got the offense going, and got it done. nfc west champs. >> rick: green bay and minnesota went down the final seconds, peterson ran for 199ars, just nine yards short of the single season rushing record. that scamper set up a game-winning field goal as the vikings beat the packers 37-34. so that means the niners get the number two seed and a first-round by. oakland closed out its
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season at san diego with nothing to lose. the raiders let terrelle pryor make his first nfl start at quarterback. crazy weather in southern california. before the contest the players were practicing in a hail storm. the weather was fine at kickoff, but not so the raiders special teams. michael spurlock gets the ball at the one, takes the opening 99 yards for the touchdown. after a slow start, pryor led the raider0s an 12-play drive. and gets his first nfl touchdown pass. trailing by 17 in the fourth. oakland rallies. pryor keepses it and dives into the end zone. then with under 2:00 to go, pryor rolls out, fines moore open in the end zone. but the comeback falls short as the chargers win 24-21. oakland winds up the season 4-12. >> in indianapolis, colts head coach chuck tag began know back on the sideline.
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he has been out since late september after being diagnosed with leukemia. put a smile on the coach's face by taking this kickoff 102 yards. houston needed a win to clink the number one seed but the colts played spoiler. andrew luck put the game away with a perfect strike to t.y. hilton. what rookie season for the stormer stanford quarterback. both teams will be in the playoffs. >> and denver behind peyton manning beat kansas city, so the broncos have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. >> ama: still to come, quentin >> ama: still to come, quentin taken teen know clasheswith my e brewer,
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>> ama: join me at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll tell you how the director of the new "star trek" movie is making a dying fan's dream come true. then at 11:00, no laughing matter for katt williams, in trouble again with police in california. that's all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> a strong weekend at the box office has put this year's receipts a over 10 bill. the hob "the "the hobbit" pullen
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nearly $33 million. django unchained came in second with 31 million. les miss and jack reacher round out the top five. that's it for us. i'm ama daetz, for leigh glaser, rick quan. see you later tonight. here's a live look over the bay captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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right now on the red carpet's favorite moments of the year! whoa! >> the 2013 movies with the biggest buzz! >> heros. there is no such thing. >> jimmy kimmel makes his move! >> i'm have excited to move to 11:35. >> and the oscar race heats up. >> this is the best movie that i have ever been involved with. >> with we're rollingual new year edition of on the red carpet now. >> welcome to on the red carpet from hollywood! i'm rachel smith. >> above all the glitter and glamour of the red carpet this is iconic sign, which has become the most reheymbol of the entertainment industry. the legendary landmark recently received a face-lift just in time for its 90th


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